Death Knell

by Most Holy Death

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released June 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Most Holy Death Wisconsin

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Track Name: Let Me In
I spend my days draped in sackcloth
I wallow in the ashes of my empire
the bones of my fathers lay strewn about
like desecrated monuments

still I shed no tears nor relinquish control

let me in
let me enter
open up
Track Name: Catacombs
many long years I spent entombed with the dead
I made my home among the bones of those long-past living
and erected a throne of skulls
I wove a cloak from an ancient darkness
and set upon my head a crown of rotted teeth
In deep torch-lit catacombs I wandered aimlessly with the rats
I stripped the dead and hoarded all I found
I ate of my own flesh and drank my own blood
but still I thirsted endlessly and gnawed upon my tongue

my dreams were filled with bright light and I was terrified

then I heard a voice

wake up, oh sleeper
wake up

cast off your heavy cloak and crown
come down from your petty throne
come forth
show yourself
step into the light

trembling, I obeyed
Track Name: Dark One
from cursed light I draw away
and retreat back into my shadow realm
where I languish in the gloom
and fade into nothingness

my heart is a crozzled shell
and my blood is pitch
flowing sluggishly through corroded channels

I refuse the cup
let it pass from me
and be spilled upon the ground
where the dogs may come to lap with filthy tongues
I will not have your blood touch my lips
or cover me like a beggar's rags
I reject your worthless offers and spit upon your grace
I will shut you out and be rid of you
I will no longer bear your plague to seep into my wells
or your words to fill my ears
I am deaf to your banshee voice
my dead skin will no longer feel your touch

my mind, enveloped by the darkness
and sunk into murky depths
will remember your name no more
Track Name: High Tower
from my high tower
I survey the work of my hands
the fruit of my labor
arrayed in all its glory

but beneath the surface
it's all begun to rot
and at the edges
everything is crumbling

from my high tower
I watch it all collapse
I stretch out my hand
only to see it wither before my eyes

in the fading twilight
encroaching shadows overtake my vision
and a cold darkness
sets in my bones

a starless night engulfs the earth
about my fragile lands
and I am powerless
to change a single thing

in eerie calm and quiet
a nameless terror scales the walls
and brings with it a familiar dread
a whispering in the night

give up
it's over
you are conquered and defeated
your kingdom is no more
it was never yours
Track Name: Death Knell
my doom lurks just outside these walls
slavering and pacing
each footfall echoes like a death knell

I can hear your lustful ragged breathing
beckoning like a siren's call

I will not go quietly
I will not succumb meekly
I cannot be moved
I cannot be shaken
though the mountains be shifted into the sea
the highest towers toppled
the sun be swallowed whole
the stars be blotted out
and the glaciers melted away
I will yet remain like a pillar of creation

but like a whimpering child
I am dragged away
pleading for mercy
begging for grace