Forsake Your Blood

by Most Holy Death

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released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Most Holy Death Wisconsin

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Track Name: Caravan of Ghosts
lonely, restless wanderer
growing older with each and every breath
a weary frame of aching bones
with a caravan of ghosts trailing in your wake

release them
won't you release them?

you sup with them
you sleep with them
hold council with them

release them
won't you release them?

your world is caving in
sever yourself
and drift off into the void
Track Name: Forsake Your Blood
forsake your blood
for a new emptiness
where you can live out your greatest fears in solitude
in a wilderness vast and unforgiving
where the winters descend like a pack of wolves
and the cold and the dark coil about your frame
like a serpent come from hell

forsake your blood
for vain delusions
your fragile mind bathed in falsehoods
has been lead into the outer dark
from which no pleading nor bargaining can brink you back
and so you quickly fade away
and it's like none of this ever happened
Track Name: Dead Seeds
separate muscle from bone, flesh from flesh
cleave yourself and walk away
settle into a desolate existence
where your barren heart has been leading you all your life

plant a garden
sow your dead seeds
sit and wait for absolutely nothing

I never told you not to leave
I just let you slip out of my life
like you'd never been
and all my memories were lies
Track Name: Claw Yourself Out
stake your coward heart
with a shard of broken bone
let it drain like the abscess it's become
allow your bitterness and disdain
to seep out and drench the thirsty ground

heal yourself and come home
don't rot away in despair and isolation
tragedy can be mended
don't resign yourself to the fate you have chosen
it's a death sentence
claw yourself out