by Most Holy Death

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released April 13, 2017

Corey Evans-Drums (tracks 3 & 11)
Davy Lazar-Trumpet (track 6)
Hannah K.-Violin (track 10)

All other instrumentation-Most Holy Death

Artwork/Layout-Most Holy Death



all rights reserved


Most Holy Death Wisconsin

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Track Name: Revelator
in a daydream
turned nightmare
that creeps like death into
the corners of my dimming thoughts
I see a gold and perfect star
trail across the sky and
plunge deep into
cold midnight water
now extinguished, it lingers
raw, jagged, and crozzled
washed up on some forgotten shore
Track Name: The Killing Floor
torn, rent
the butcher's in my home
splaying those i love
upon the killing floor

cleaving them
with his carving knives
I watch
my family pulled apart

when it's all been rendered
and cleaned down to the bone
there is nothing left to
examine or dissect

it was fractured from the start
a wound that would never heal

torn, rent
upon the killing floor

cleaved in two
upon the killing floor
Track Name: Muses of the Lower Lands
with cursed blood
in our bellies
eyes rolled back
into glossy white

burdened with madness
master of our dark hearts
betrayer until our end

culled, then dashed upon the rocks
Track Name: Apostasy
an empty husk
in gentle breezes
hemmed in by
surrounded by
unending madness
unceasing like
the waves of
the churning sea
set adrift
like a dying star
to be swallowed up
in blackest darkness
Track Name: Torn Clouds
I wrap myself in
a curtain of gathered clouds
it lays upon me
like a poltice
over gaping wounds

I am swallowed up in
a fog of swirling noise
and descend into a
hole deep within the earth
hollowed out like
some subterranean abscess

I lie down on its
stony floor
as cool clutches pass over
like an angel
and I can't remember
if there is blood
upon the doorframe
Track Name: Lake of Lerna
let me be dipped in
death's hot blood and
let the beast bear me
to the bottom
Track Name: Prison of Bone
this prison of bone
where pale white spires
jut upwards into
the dark vault
of the sky

lytic lesions spread
leaving porous marrow
to drain like lakes

carving out my spine
burrowing in my skull
gnawing on my brain
where dark thoughts swirl like
flocks of carrion

Track Name: Mollusk
drifting like
weary smoke across
a barren land
a hollow mollusk
bloodless, lifeless, toothless
like rotten fruit
dead on the vine
a helpless, withering soul
cursed upon this earth
Track Name: Mass of Tortured Flesh
I dreamed of you last night
coming in from the cold and dark
and when you opend up your coat
I saw a mass of tortured flesh
raw and open upon your chest
its roots weaved
tightly around your heart
threatening to constrict with
each thready pulse
death was in your eyes and
every labored breath
too weak to speak you
stood there silently
resigned to what would come

lift your curse
be free
seek the surgeon
the healer of the sick
whose blade cleaves
all maligancies
Track Name: At My Heels
run faster
Track Name: Lights & Perfections
break the jawbone or
find yourself devoured

peel back your eyelids and
ignore the serpent's tongue

auger wayward thoughts and drain them
like pent up blood inside your skull

bite your lip and feel the
warmth it brings