Wholy Failure Split

by Wholy Failure & Most Holy Death

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released April 6, 2015



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Most Holy Death Wisconsin

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Track Name: Most Holy Death - Woe to the City of Blood
woe to the city of blood
full of lies and devastation
never without its victims
never without its prey
Track Name: Most Holy Death - Healer of the Sick
all my life I sought to heal myself with hopeless cures
I trusted in feeble medicines that only bought me illness
and drugged myself on counterfeit remedies
that dragged me down into caverns of darkness

I once could see, but now I've gone blind
I walked upon the waters, but now I'm begging in the streets
I forfeited a vast inheritance for a chasm of despair

oh, healer
lay your hands upon me
carry me from these fever realms
and bring me back into the brilliant light

oh, surgeon
I deliver myself into your violent hands
spread me out upon your table
take up your knife and make the cut

oh, donor
you who have given up your precious self
transfuse into me and seep into my marrow
it is now you who flows throughout me