by Most Holy Death

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released December 4, 2016

All Sounds By Most Holy Death

Recorded & Mixed By Most Holy Death

Mastered By Max Justus Spransy



all rights reserved


Most Holy Death Wisconsin

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Track Name: Aspiration to Nothingness
beneath my skin and bone
I hide a death drive
within my heart lies an
aspiration to nothingness

I search in vain for
the bottom of this chasm
I wander, looking for the end

in time, everything is lost
every memory fades like a dream
I am but a flicker of dim light
in the corner of
a blind man's clouded eye
Track Name: Slow-motion Deathtrip
we are the walking dead
on a slow-motion deathtrip
our way is set before us
and we trudge on towards the end
the blind leading the blind
we set out strong and vigorous
but now we're worn down with
a heavy curse yoked upon our backs

we were formed all wrong
we were shaped all wrong
we were raised all wrong

we were knitted in the womb by God
only to be birthed into the hands of the devil
Track Name: A Murmured Litany of Nightmares
in the dead hours of the night
a host of nightmares
seep into my mind
like black ink poured from
the devil's hand
and I wake with a
gnawing terror in my gut
and a pall of dread covers me
like a deathshroud

an image of a vat of boiling oil
waiting for me at the end of
a dark corridor overwhelms me
I can already hear
my cries like shrieking wind

my throat is opened up like a grave
and blood rushes forth to meet the air
every limb is dismembered
stacked beside me like
fuel for furnace fires

as for the rest

cancer rises like a tide
washing over every living thing
a vast malignant wave of tumors
saturates the earth

a generation blind
cloaked in immense and impenetrable darkness
lost to its own senselessness
while hope is swallowed up
by the great swirling void of despair
Track Name: The Narcissistic Wound
the absence becomes the presence
the dead becomes the living

plagued by catastrophic fears
consumed by overwhelming dread
I am left without memory
I am left without desire
I seek relief, an exit
from this suffering and pain

the absence becomes the presence
the dead becomes the living